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Care Guide Instructions

Maple Origins products are top-shelf dishwasher safe

All Maple Origins products are top-shelf dishwasher safe. Any regularly available dishwasher detergent can be used.  Alternatively, Maple Origins products can be hand-washed.  Hot or Warm water is recommended for a hand washing process.

Do not use Maple Origins products in microwave

We do not recommend microwave cooking in our products since they contain real maple wood. It is best to treat them as any wooden bowl.

Do not use sharp utensils on Maple Origins products

Maple Origins products may scratch when sharp metal utensils are used just as any wooden product will.

Best method for removing stains from our dinnerware

Most difficult stains can be cleaned with a mixture of standard dish soap and kosher salt or baking soda by hand. Simply add a splash of white vinegar to this mixture and scrub as you would any normal vessel.  Please do not use stainless steel or copper scrub pads, these will definitely scratch our product.  Please keep in mind that some sauces, like tomato, may stain our products.  

Our custom colors are integrated into each product

Please keep in mind that Maple Origins product colors are not painted on, they are integrated into the product itself. Over time our products may darken with use, but this does not mean our product is unsafe to use.